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Club Policies


Pre-skate warm-up is essential. All skaters are encouraged to do an age-appropriate warm up to get the most value from their training session. We have a warm-up routine posted on our bulletin board for guidance.

Safety Mats:

It is expected that all skaters or parents with the first group of the day will assist with putting up the safety mats on the ice prior to practice. This is easier if done prior to the ice resurfacing. There should still be plenty of time to tie skates while the ice is being cleaned. Ice time is often lost for the kids in the first group because only a few parents help with the mats. Skaters and parents of the last group are to help with the removal of the safety mats.

Emergency Action Plan:

There is no dedicated First Aid Attendant at practice sessions. A fully stocked First Aid kit must be located at the far end of the skater benches for all practices. Cut Kits—easy access kits for serious bleeds—are also included and clearly marked. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located beside the pro-shop. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the kit and AED. In the event of an injury requiring First Aid attention, all training activity must stop until the injured skater, First Aid support, and any emergency supplies are cleared from the ice surface.

In an emergency, please call 9-1-1.


It is expected that skaters and parents will participate in any fundraising events held during the year to help defray club costs.

Funding Criteria:

Skaters may wish to apply to the Ridge Meadows Speed Skating Association Executive for additional funding to attend competitions outside the Lower Mainland. The Executive may award funding based upon membership standing, and available funds.

All skaters and/or families must participate fully in all fundraising events in order to be considered for funding assistance.

For detailed information on Funding Criteria, please see our Funding Policy.

Track Time / Training Groups:

Track time for practice and training will be allocated according to the skater’s capability as determined by the coaches. As skaters gain more skills, some will be allowed to bridge different group sessions as per the coach’s guidance. The club will continue to have the advanced skaters assist the less skilled skaters when feasible.


Any concerns about the club should be taken directly to the person involved. If the issue is not resolved at that level the concern should be put into writing and submitted to the executive as expeditiously as possible.


The club will have a Head Coach and as many assistants or helpers as required. Skater groupings are at the discretion of the Head Coach.


Discipline of skaters who disregard the rules of conduct on the ice or during training will be at the discretion of the Head Coach. Discipline of skaters or family members who disregard the rules of conduct off the ice will be at the discretion of the Club Executive.


For skaters under the age of 16 at least one parent or legal guardian must attend each practice and meet/competition, or assign someone to be responsible for the child.

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