Skates can be rented from the club, see Rental Equipment Information.

Additional equipment is needed for speed and safety. All skaters are required to wear the following for practice:

  1. Helmet

  2. Neck Guard

  3. Gloves

  4. Knee Pads

  5. Shin Guards

During racing, and optionally in practice:​

  1. Safety Glasses

  2. Aerodynamic Skin Suit

  3. Cut Resistant Skin Suit Lining

  4. Cut Resistant Gloves

  5. Cut Resistant Socks

*Knee pads and shin guards are built-in to some racing suits.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We have some equipment that can be loaned for skaters who are just getting started.

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Purchasing Equipment

For speed skating specific equipment, we recommend:

Both ship from Canada. has a beginner safety kit which includes everything you need for practice.

Commonly available sports equipment from retailers like Sport Chek, Canadian Tire or Amazon is also sufficient:

  • Volleyball knee pads

  • Soccer shin guards

  • Hockey helmets

  • Hockey neck guards

Other retailers selling speed skating equipment:

Skate Care