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Purchasing Equipment

Skates can be rented from the club, see Rental Equipment Information.

Additional equipment is needed for speed and safety. All skaters are required to wear the following for practice:

  1. Helmet

  2. Neck Guard

  3. Gloves

  4. Knee Pads

  5. Shin Guards

During racing, and optionally in practice:​

  1. Safety Glasses

  2. Aerodynamic Skin Suit

  3. Cut Resistant Skin Suit Lining

  4. Cut Resistant Gloves

  5. Cut Resistant Socks

*Knee pads and shin guards are built-in to some racing suits.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We have some equipment that can be loaned for skaters who are just getting started.

2018WEC#1_Mars blades.jpg

For speed skating specific equipment, we recommend:

Both ship from Canada. has a beginner safety kit which includes everything you need for practice.

Commonly available sports equipment from retailers like Sport Chek, Canadian Tire or Amazon is also sufficient:

  • Volleyball knee pads

  • Soccer shin guards

  • Hockey helmets

  • Hockey neck guards

Other retailers selling speed skating equipment:

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