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Practice Protocol

These rules and guidelines create a safe, fun and productive practice for everyone.

Safety Mats

  • Safety Mats must be in place before any skaters are permitted on the ice. Safety Mats are placed around the boards for the protection of all levels of skaters.

  • It is expected that all parents and capable skaters of the first group of the day help (to the best of their ability) to place the mats correctly on the ice. Parents and capable skaters in the last group are expected to help put the mats back on the carts and assist getting them off the ice.

General Ice Safety

  • A coach must be on the ice (or an adult by the on-ice door) when there are skaters on the ice. This will be the person in charge.

  • The skating path is the oval track. It is not marked, so awareness and caution by all skaters is important.

  • The safest place for skaters not in the skating path to be is the middle of the rink.

  • Skaters must not stand against the boards or a falling skater may crash into them.

  • Always skate counter-clockwise on the skating path (always turning left), unless otherwise directed.

  • Ask the coach if you need to leave the ice during the practice. Extreme caution must be taken when crossing the skating path. Stop. Look, then cross quickly.

  • Never turn your back towards the flow of skaters in the skating path.

  • Do not enter the ice surface when skaters are moving on the skating path. Always watch in the direction of oncoming skaters when entering.

  • Except for entering and exiting the ice surface, keep the gate closed when skaters are on the ice.

Active Skater Safety

  • On the skating track, the faster skaters take the outside path, while the slower skaters take the inside.

  • While skating on the track, do not stop suddenly. Stand up slowly and move inside the track to center ice before stopping.

  • Intentionally falling or sliding on the ice, or pushing other skaters, is dangerous to yourself and others. Horseplay will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action.

  • If you fall while skating, promptly get back up and safely re-enter the skating path.

  • All skaters, whether recreational or competitive, are expected to follow the coaches directions at all times.

Practice Habits

  • Appropriate warm-up activity should be done prior to practice.

  • Please tighten skates and use the bathroom before coming on the ice.

  • Please be prompt getting on the ice so the coach can follow his/her program on the ice without interruption.

  • No skaters may be on the ice when the ice is being cleaned. All skaters must wait until the Zamboni doors are closed and secured before stepping onto the ice. When ice is cleaned mid-practice, safety mats must be returned to correct position before active skating resumes.

  • Skaters must wear all mandatory clothing and equipment while on the ice during skating practices. Do not remove protective gear, even when resting on the ice.

  • Please report any problems, injuries or concerns to the coach as soon as they occur. A First Aid kit, with cut kits, is always located by the rink access door while skaters are on the ice.

  • Personal water bottles should be kept at centre ice (or on the ice-water cart) so skaters do not have to cross the skating path to refresh.


  • All parents are expected to assist in placing and removing/storing safety mats. It is a very quick effort if many people help, and increases the amount of practice time when done

  • Parents should not stand in the ‘player boxes’ during practice. This is for the safety of skaters, as it avoids the temptation to cross the skating path to visit or talk (especially our youngest skaters). Parents are welcome to sit in the stands to watch; the glass prevents the temptation to chat and create a hazard.

  • Parents of skaters younger than 16 must stay at the arena during practice.

  • A cart with a bulletin board will be outside the locker rooms during practice. You will find information in the distribution box, bulletins and competition information, as well as kits for skate sharpening.

Locker Rooms and Arena Areas

  • Locker Rooms are assigned by group. Using the assigned room helps ensure there is enough space for everyone to promptly and easily get ready for skating.

  • Locker Rooms are shared by boys and girls. Please be discrete, and respectful of all athletes.

  • Do not leave valuables in the locker rooms. The rooms are not locked during practice.

  • The hallways and arena areas are public spaces. Please be respectful of all other sports and athletes training at the arena.

Practice Protocols will be updated soon as we receive information from local, provincial and national return to sport recommendations.

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