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Speed Skating Age Class

Age classes for competitions are determined based on the skaters age as of July 1st.  Whatever age the skater is on June 30th that is the age class  category the skater will be in.  For example if  a male age 11 who’s birthday is July 10 he would skate in the category Learn to Train (L2T-11)  during this 2020/21 season. Even though he is turning 12 in 10 days he was 11 years old on June 30, 2020

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Note: Some age classes overlap. The ability for a young skater to advance in competition is at the discretion of the BCSSA Technical Director, Coach, and/or Competition Coordinator.

Note: Many competitions for younger athletes are Ability Meets, where skaters of different ages race against skaters of similar speed and ability, yet still win awards based on age class. This is for the safety of the skaters, as well as creating meaningful racing experiences for everyone.

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