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Instructions for 2021-22 Seasonal Registration

Below are different programs that RM Speed Skating offers:

For Skaters

Try Speed Skating - For $60 you can try speed skating 3 times.  If you decide to continue with our sport then we would minus this amount from the Introductory 10 skate or full season program.  

Seasonal speed skating - A skater may register for the 10 skate pass. The skater will be able to attend up to 10 sessions of speed skating throughout this season. Please be sure to add the BC Speed Skating Association (BCSSA) and Speed Skate Canada (SSC) Recreational Fee to your registration.  

Introductory 10 skates - If you would like to learn how to speed skate please up for this club program which is $225 plus the Introductory BCSSA of $17 & SSC $8 Fee when you register. 

Upgrade - After you've done the introductory 10 skate and would like to continue with the season then you would register for this program plus upgrade the BCSSA fee of $58.

Additional 10 skate pass - these are for skaters who have already signed up with the first 10 skate pass or a skater who belong to another club and would like skate with our club for more ice time.  You will not need to register for the BCSSA or SSC fees if you already paid for them in either our or another club.

Full season skater (national, provincial or club level must add the appropriate BCSSA and SSC fees.  For example if you look at the chart below a national level skater the club fee is $600 plus the BCSSA fee $115 and SSC fee of $65 for a total of $780. 

FV Interclub club fee - these will available for skaters who's home club are in the Fraser Valley and would like to have more ice time.  This is also dependent on the amount of skaters attending and the discretion of the coach and board members. 

For Volunteers


All non skating participants (adults/parents/guardians) connected to the skater will be required to do some form of volunteering at the rink such as:

-health ambassador

-setting up or taking down the mats



-board/committee member

-meet or competition support

It will be important for at least one if not both parents to register as a BCSSA & SSC volunteer if they plan to step on the ice or arena.  This is for insurance coverage purposes.  If you have already signed up with another club you will not need to do this.

For Coaches and Officials

If you have already signed up as a volunteer then the fee for being a coach and/or an official is waived.

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