Ridge Meadows at Calgary Skating Camp

Jared Bolland, Annabelle and Sammy Green attended stage 2 training camp at the Calgary Olympic Oval in Alberta this summer and then participated in the Single Distance #1 series competition (August 18&19, 2018) at the end of the week.

Jared Bolland competing with skaters from Prince George, North West Territories and Calgary Oval

Jared Bolland competing with skaters from Prince George, North West Territories and Calgary Oval


Sammy Green in front of the pack

Sammy Green in front of the pack


Congratulations to S. Marshall Shupe II

Marshall Shupe in front of an Ontario Skater during Single Distance #1 held August 18-19,2018

Marshall Shupe in front of an Ontario Skater during Single Distance #1 held August 18-19,2018

Marshall Shupe was invited to the Stage 2 program at the Calgary Olympic Oval and will be training there starting this August through next spring.  Marshall has skated with the Ridge Meadow Racers since 2007 when he was 6 years old and has learned skill and develop a solid skating foundation under the coaching of past Olympians  Julian Green and Eden (Dontatelli)  Green.  He will still be affiliated with the club and the province.  He hopes go through the Canada Winter Games Trials in Kamloops this Nov.  to represent BC at the upcoming 2019 Canada Winter Games in February in Red Deer Alberta.


Support the Club – Buy Duck Tickets

Please support the club by either selling or buying Rotary duck tickets for the 8th Annual Rotary Duck Race.  The club is selling tickets at Valley Fair Mall on July 7th from 11am to 1pm and also at the Haney Farmers Market on July 14th and August 4th from noon to 2pm.

If you or anyone you know is unable to buy tickets during these dates and would like to purchase some please contact us at ridgemeadowsracers@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you on how to purchase tickets.

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BCSSA Awards & AGM

BClogoEvery year BCSSA recognizes and awards people through out the province who are decidated in furthering the future of speed skating in a variety of ways.  Please click here to see the many provincial awards and ways to nominate a person or persons who you feel has been instrumental in our sport of speed skating.   Also if you are a 12th grade student remember to look at the skater bursary section.

Finally a reminder that the BCSSA AGM will June 2-3 in Kamloops.  More information to come.


Dryland Training

There is dryland training starting on Tuesday’s and Friday’s starting May 1.                             Tuesday sessions will be at Planet Ice in Maple Ridge in the grassy field area across the arena by the gravel parking lot the at 6:00pm.  Friday sessions will held at the Dontelli-Green’s place at 7:00pm cornerbelt_SammyPlease dress appropriately (exercise pants or shorts and shirt or tanktop).  Be sure to bring a water bottle especially for those hotter days as we move towards summer.  Bring corner belt, (oftened called cables, bands or cords) during these sessions. CornerBelt_Iluvspeedskating If you do not have one you can order them from any of the following skate shops along with other equipment you may need for the up coming season – I Luv Speed Skating, SkateNow,  Red River Speed, Wentings, Calgary Oval Shop, Cascade Speed Skating


Canada West Championship

Four Ridge Meadow Racers qualified to represent British Columbia in the Canada West Championships that were held in Abbotsford Center by the University of the Fraser Valley.  Skaters from all over the west competed in the T2T age classes.

In the T2T 12 Males – Samuel Green took home Gold (400m, 1500m, 3000mpts but fell in the 200m pursuit but despite this fall he came in 1st overall.

In the T2T 13 Females – Catalina Shupe placed fourth in 400m B Final, seventh in the 1500m B Final, third in the 3000mpt B Final, and second in 200mp/ms C Final finishing ninth overall in her age class.

In the T2T 14 Females Annabelle Green – took Gold in the 400m, 1500m, 3000mpts and a Silver 200mp/ms finishing 1st overall.

In the T2T 14 Males Jared Bolland – Gold in the 3000mpts and Silvers in the 200mp/ms, 400m, and 1500m which placed in  2nd overall.

Samuel Green_Overall ChampionAnnabelle Green_Overall Champion

Also BC won Branch Championship!

BC Group Picture_Branch Award

Annual General Meeting & Awards Ceremony – April 7 (2pm – 6pm)

Please put the Annual General Meeting in your calendar for April 7.  It will be held at the Maple Ridge Leisure Center in the multipurpose room.  11925 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

We will be handing out yearly medals, pins and certificates for the skaters after the meeting.  Please watch out for the email with more details regarding the AGM and Awards cermony.

2018 BC Short Track – Abbotsford March 3&4

Ridge Meadows Racers had 9 skaters qualify for BC Short Track Champsionships that was held in Abbotsford.

Finley Ludeman raced in the L2T-B division having personal best in the 400m and 1200m races and finished 15 overall.

Willa Ludeman (T2T 12 yr old female division) finished 10th overall and had personal bests in the 200m and 1500m distances.

Samuel Green (T2T 12 year old male division) and finished 1st over all taking the gold home having personal best in the 200m and 400m races.

Catalina Shupe (T2T 13 year old female division) had a 4th placed overall finish taking an iron medal.  She had personal bests in her 200m and 1500m distances.

Annabelle Green (T2T 14 year old female division) had a 1st place overall finish taking home gold.

Jared Bolland (T2T 14 year old male division) had a 1st place overall finish and took home gold.  He had personal bests in the 200m and 1500m races.

Adam Abbott also in the T2T 14 year old male division had a 6th place finish overall and personal bests in the 400m and 1500m distances.

Marshall Shupe (Junior Performance male division) took a gold home finishing first overall.

Longtai (Ted) Deng also competed in the Junior performance male division and finished 2nd overall taking a silver home.


To see how the club did click RM results 2018 bcst