Ice Times

These are the regularly scheduled ice times for Planet Ice, Maple Ridge, Rink 2. Any changes to the regular times will be communicated as soon as it is known.

Groups are assigned based on the skater’s age, skating ability and training requirements. For details about how groups are arranged, please see the Getting Started page. All skater group assignments are solely the coach’s discretion.


Group 3       4:30-5:45 pm                  Dryland at 3:55 pm Please be ready to put Safety Mats on at 4:15 pm and taken off by 5:45 pm.


Group 1       3:45pm – 4:35pm            Safety Mats on at 3:30 pm.

Group 2       4:35pm – 5:35pm

Group 3       5:45pm – 6:50pm            Dryland at 5:15, please have Safety Mats off by 7:00 pm.


Group 3        8:30am – 9:25am           Dryland at 7:40 am. 8:00 am will be an ice clean while skaters put on their gear.                                                                                                                                    8:15 am put on Safety Mats

Group 1&2    9:25am – 10:15am            Please have Safety Mats off by 10:15.


Mats need to be put on the ice before the first ice session of the day. All parents and capable skaters are expected to help put the mats on the ice.  If possible please wear a helmet and ice guards.  There will be some in the locker in the side of the rink.


Please see the chart and instructions posted on the RMSSA storage locker for correct placement of mats on the ice. The mats have colour-coded tape squares for reference.


Safety Mats are removed by the last group of the day, approximately 7 minutes prior to the end of the session. It is important that all able skaters and parents help stack and remove mats from the ice, storing them appropriately.

Ice Inspections

If you are placing mats for the first group of the day, please take a moment to inspect the ice surface. It is important that the ice be smooth for speed skating, or serious injury can occur during practice or racing.


Common deficiencies are raised bumps (like cobblestones) or chucks of ice from the Zamboni, deep cuts or grooves that haven’t been repaired during the previous Zamboni run, or debris such as wood chips or dirt that have been tracked onto the ice by street shoes. These must be corrected before any training begins.


If you notice a problem with the ice surface, please advise the coach, a member of the executive, or (if neither of those are around) the arena staff. There is a long handled scraper in the Zamboni service area that can be used to remove minor bumps. For larger issues, an ice clean must be done.


Note: It is possible to do an ice clean once the mats are placed on the ice, so please do not wait until the issue has been corrected to begin placing the safety mats. It is dangerous and difficult to place the mats on freshly cleaned ice (wet).