Eden Donatelli Green

Eden Donatelli-Green is a head coach for Ridge Meadows Racers. From local community representation to Olympic competition, Eden’s rich history within the sport and her passion for coaching young athletes are unmatched.

Eden began speed skating at the age of 4. Being coached by her father she smashed expectations, qualifying for Canada’s National Training Team by the age of 13, and competing in her first World Championship at the age of 15. During her competitive career, Eden skated at two Olympic games, seven World Championships, as well as multiple International events and Canadian Championships.

Coach Eden Donatelli Green at BC Short Track Championships, 2013  Photo - Sam Klassen
Coach Eden Donatelli Green at BC Short Track Championships, 2013 Photo – Sam Klassen

Her athletic achievement are an inspiration to many people, and Eden has always been—and continues to be—a leader within the sport community. Eden was part of the Athlete’s Motivation Excellence Program, and began coaching with her father, George, and husband, Julian, after officially retiring from competition in 1992.

Many rules and regulations have been re-thought and re-worded due to Eden’s exemplary achievements at such a young age, thus smoothing the challenging  path for future generations of young speed skaters all across Canada. Her inspiring feats have encouraged many young girls and boys to take up the sport of short track speed skating, and her coaching skills continue to help them reach their dreams.

Read Eden’s full bio here.

Julian Green

Julian Green is the Program Director for the Ridge Meadows Speed Skating Club. We are thrilled to have the highest level of coaching BC has to offer in our very own club.

Julian is a fully certified Level 4/5 N.C.C.P. Coach. He has coached the Canadian National Long Track Speed Skating Team at the 1992 Winter Olympics in France and various World Championships and World Cups. He has coached Olympians such as Jeremy Wotherspoon, Catriona LeMay Doan, Susan Auch, Stephen Elm, Ingrid Leipa.

Julian is also an accomplished athlete. He skated internationally for Great Britain in both Short Track and Long Track, including the 1988 Olympic Games and 1987 and 1989 World Championships. For over 20 years, Julian has delivered numerous Level 1, 2 and 3 N.C.C.P. coaching clinics and mentored many up-coming junior coaches.

For all his skills coaching at a world class level, Julian has a gift for coaching our youngest skaters. His knowledge of the fundamentals of skating is unparalleled, ensuring the joy of skating—the skill and the fun—is instilled the moment skaters first step onto the ice.

Coach Julian Green teaching our newest skaters the fundamentals.
Coach Julian Green teaching our newest skaters the fundamentals.

George Donatelli

George Donatelli founded the Ridge Meadows Racers short track speed skating club in November 1979, and remains a vital part of our coaching and mentoring programs.

George Donatelli offering words of encouragement to a few young skaters.
George Donatelli offering words of encouragement to a few young skaters.

George—affectionately know as “Mr D.”—has been coaching in the Fraser Valley for over 46 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a profound love of the sport. He has developed more speed skaters who have gone on to make the BC Winter Games, Canada Winter Games, National Short and Long Track Teams and even Canadian Winter Olympic Teams than any other BC coach!

Over his long career, George has produced numerous international skaters such as Eden Donatelli Green, Daryl Rasmussen, Trevor Rasmussen, Courtney Shmyr, Alec Jansens and Jeff Kitura. Other high performance skaters with whom he has worked include Thomas McLennan, William McLennan, Michelle MacKay, Robyn Kempers, Tyler Shmyr, Sheryl Leger, Cory Rasmussen and many more. He continues to be a source of wisdom and encouragement for skaters of all ages.

George was named Speed Skating Canada Coach of the Year and BC Coach of the Year by the BC Coaching Association. He was recognized once before when his daughter, Eden, won her Olympic medals at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Junior Coaches

Ridge Meadows Racers are fortunate to have a number of younger skaters who volunteer their time to help our coaches. You can find them on the ice with our youngest skaters, ensuring that everyone learns the skills and has plenty of fun, and they help put our training and competitive skaters through their paces.

Junior coaches Robert, Jen, Janie and Allison.
Junior coaches Robert, Jen, Janie and Allison.