Financial Assistance

In an effort to make sport accessible to more families, there are a variety of programs offered by different agencies throughout the province. See the links below for information.

Kidsport™ British Columbia

Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 1.11.02 PMKidSport™ works to fulfill its mission of eliminating the financial barriers to sport participation. KidSport™ is a community-based sport funding program that provides grants for children under the age of 18 to participate in a sport season of their choice.

Click here to learn more about Kidsport.*

Athletics for Kids

a4k-logoAthletics for Kids’ goal is to assist any B.C. child in his or her dream of playing amateur sports. The support of Athletics for Kids is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Basic registration fees are paid for a multitude of approved sports, up to an annual maximum of $600 per child.

Click here to learn more about Athletics for Kids.*

Note: These options are offered for reference only, and your qualification for any of these programs is not implied by Ridge Meadows Speed Skating Association. They are promoted to the best of our knowledge, and in any discrepancy between our statement and the funding agency, the latter shall prevail.

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