Dryland Training

There is dryland training starting on Tuesday’s and Friday’s starting May 1.                             Tuesday sessions will be at Planet Ice in Maple Ridge in the grassy field area across the arena by the gravel parking lot the at 6:00pm.  Friday sessions will held at the Dontelli-Green’s place at 7:00pm cornerbelt_SammyPlease dress appropriately (exercise pants or shorts and shirt or tanktop).  Be sure to bring a water bottle especially for those hotter days as we move towards summer.  Bring corner belt, (oftened called cables, bands or cords) during these sessions. CornerBelt_Iluvspeedskating If you do not have one you can order them from any of the following skate shops along with other equipment you may need for the up coming season – I Luv Speed Skating, SkateNow,  Red River Speed, Wentings, Calgary Oval Shop, Cascade Speed Skating


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