2013 – 2014 Season Registration

Complete Registration Packet_pg1-5_2013-14.pdf

Sign up now if you want to join the sport that is the fastest fun on ice! No previous skating lessons are necessary. Speed skates are provided! You will be taught to skate by Olympian coaches Eden & Julian. Junior coaches Allison, Jen & Robert are there to help ensure that you have the fastest fun on ice. Registration is for new and returning members. Cheques are made out to RMSSA. To register contact a member of the executive, found on the Contact Us page.

The Ridge Meadows Racers have on-going registration throughout the year. Skating season is from September to March.

See the Ridge Meadows Racers in action at Planet Ice in Maple Ridge on Tuesday, 3:45pm-7:00pm, Saturday 8:30am-11:45am, Monday ice is available with permission from the coach, 4:30pm-5:45pm.

September 3, 2013 is the first session of the season.

Bring appropriate clothing & safety gear to wear, see Equipment on the Information tab for requirements.

Langley Blades skate at Sportsplex in Langley. Sardis Fliers skate at Twin Rinks in Chilliwack. If you skate the max. number of days with the Ridge Meadows Racers there is the opportunity to skate extra days with the Langley & Sardis clubs.

Learn to skate at Planet Ice, Maple Ridge. Be coached by Olympians! No need to learn to skate before joining the club.

Skates are included in the registration package. Check out the Equipment page for the required safety gear. We have limited supplies of helmets, safety glasses and Kevlar tubes for sale.

Skating Times Available

Tuesday ice:

Safety mats on at 3:30pm before ice clean.

Group 1 (Beginners) 3:45pm-4:35pm

Group 2 (Intermediate) 4:35pm-5:35pm

Group 3 (Experienced)  5:45pm-6:55pm Mats off 6:55pm-7:00pm

Saturday ice:

Safety mats on at 8:00am before ice clean,

Group 3 (Experienced) 8:30am-9:45am

Group 1 (Beginners) 9:55am-10:40am

Group 2 (Intermediate) 10:40am-11:40am

Mats off 11:40am-11:45am

Monday ice:

Coach approval required to skate Mondays Safety mats on at 4:15pm before ice clean.

Group ice 4:30pm -5:40pm

Safety mats off 5:40pm-5:45pm

Helmets must be worn on the ice for mats. Parents help off ice with mat carts.


Club Christmas Party

Join us for our Club Christmas Party 1:00pm-5:00pm on Saturday

December 21 South Bonson Community Centre, 10932 Barnston View Rd., Pitt Meadows.

Pizza Party/Potluck!


Canada Day Celebration

July 1st Canada Day BBQ starts at 2:00pm. Pot luck salad/snacks/fruit/dessert. Meat & buns are supplied. $10 per family to cover hamburger/hot dogs etc.

See you there. Remember life jackets for all ch

ildren under 16 please! Location is a lakefront property. See Mae’s emails for complete details.


AGM, Year End Awards, Potluck

Sunday April 28 at the Pitt Meadows Rec. Centre Meeting Room 12:00pm-5:00pm was the club 2013-2014 registration, AGM, Year End Awards, FUNale medals & Potluck Party.

Welcome back & thanks to the new members of the executive for volunteering to work for the club in 2013-2014. Congratulations to our new President Jacques Chassay for taking over the leadership of the club! Contact info is available on the Contact Us page.

2013-2013 Championship Results

National Short Track Team Selections, March 1-3

Michelle is training in Montreal. She finished 9th overall, 1500m 3rd, 500m 2nd, 1000m 2nd.

BC Short Track Championship Results, March 2-3

T2T 11, Female Division, GOLD Janie

T2T 12 Female, BRONZE Emily, 6th Shivani

L2T 11 Male, GOLD Marshall, BRONZE Timothy, 7th Pascal

Open Male Division. 8th Robert



Canadian Age Class Short Track Championships, March 8-10

Junior A Male Division, 15th William, 500m 1st, 1500m 3rd, 1000m 3rd

FUNale Results, March 8-9

Congratulations to all our medalists! Ridge Meadows Racers rocked bringing home 12 GOLD   11 SILVER   3 BRONZE   2 IRON!

Junior B, 16 years, Male Division, SILVER Payton

T2T 14, Male Division, GOLD Samuel, SILVER Stephen     T2T 14, Female Division, GOLD Meagan

T2T 12, Female Division, GOLD Emily, SILVER Lilah, BRONZE Stephania

T2T 11, Female Division, SILVER Amelia

L2T 11, Male A Division, GOLD Timothy, SILVER Marshall, BRONZE Pascal     L2T 11, Male B Division, GOLD Tahlon, SILVER Jack

L2T 9 Female B Division, GOLD Regan, IRON Abby

FUNd 9 Male A Division, GOLD Adam

FUNd 8 Male B Division, GOLD Jacob, GOLD Cole     FUNd 8 Female A Division, SILVER Catalina

FUNd 7 Male A Division, GOLD Rohann, SILVER Sammy     FUNd 7 Male B Division, GOLD Luke, SILVER Shay

FUNd 7 Female Division, GOLD Danica, SILVER Aliyah, BRONZE Willa, IRON Jorgia

FUNd 6 Female Division, GOLD Mackenzy, SILVER Beth

Active Start Champions; Kayden, Nathan, Bronte, Emily, Zayda, Zahara, Jared. Isaac, Andrew.

Canada West Short Track Championships, March 23-24

T2T 11 Female Division, SILVER Janie took 2nd place overall and finished 200m SILVER, 400m SILVER, 1500m BRONZE, 3000m BRONZE

T2T 12 Female Division, Shivani 1500m 8th, 400m 3rd, 14th overall

2012 Ridge Meadows Jingle Bell Cup, Dec. 2

Planet Ice was the place to see fast paced action as the Ridge Meadows Racers hosted the Jingle Bell Cup in the Cam Neely Arena.

Medals were awarded to the top 4 in each division. The Racers brought home 10 medals!

Div 2 BRONZE Janie     Div 3 BRONZE Emily     Div 4 GOLD William     Div 5 GOLD Robert     Div 7 GOLD Timothy   

Div 8 SILVER Adam   IRON Annabelle        Div 11 GOLD Aliyah   SILVER Regan   BRONZE Abby


Registration 2013 – 2014

Registration for 2013-2014 is held on April 28, 2013 at the Pitt Meadows Rec Center in the meeting room, 12:00pm-4:00pm. The Registration paper work is now available.

Registration is for both new and returning members.  No skating knowledge required.  New skaters will learn to skate.  Registration cheques are made out to RMSSA (Ridge Meadows Speed Skating Association). Please check out the equipment section under the Information tab.

September 3rd is the first day of the 2013-2014 skating season, with classes from 3:45pm – 7:00pm. We have ongoing registration throughout the season.

2013 Championship Results

Canadian Short Track Championship, Richmond. March 23-25, 2012

Michelle MacKay won GOLD medals in the 1500m, 1000m, 3000m! She finished 1st overall in her age class making her the Canadian Champion in the Junior A Female division. Congratulations!

Team mates Nicole, Yijun & William raced hard and made us proud.

Thanks to club coaches Eden & Julian Green!

Canada West Championship, Winnipeg. March 24-25, 2012

11 year old Brianna Utas finished 3rd in her age class with a Silver in the 200m and a Bronze in the 1500m.

14 year old Justin Cross finished 3 in his age class with Silver in both the 1500m & 3000m, with Bronze in the 200m.

Relay GOLD

Brianna won Gold in the 11/12 Girls Division

Michael won Gold in the 12/13 Boys Division

Annie won Gold in the 13/14 Girls Division

Thanks to coach George Donatelli!

Fraser Valley FUNale 2013

On March 8th and 9th 2013, Ridge Meadows & Langley Clubs co-hosted a year-end, two day final competition to end the 2012-2013 year.
Congratulations to all athletes who competed in the FUNale. Medals were awarded at the Awards/AGM on April 28 at the Pitt Meadows Recreation Center, noon – 5:00pm. Enjoy your medals! Thanks to the coaches, officials, volunteers and organizers for making it a successful FUNale.