Annual General Meeting & Awards Ceremony – April 7 (2pm – 6pm)

Please put the Annual General Meeting in your calendar for April 7.  It will be held at the Maple Ridge Leisure Center in the multipurpose room.  11925 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

We will be handing out yearly medals, pins and certificates for the skaters after the meeting.  Please watch out for the email with more details regarding the AGM and Awards cermony.

2018 BC Short Track – Abbotsford March 3&4

Ridge Meadows Racers had 9 skaters qualify for BC Short Track Champsionships that was held in Abbotsford.

Finley Ludeman raced in the L2T-B division having personal best in the 400m and 1200m races and finished 15 overall.

Willa Ludeman (T2T 12 yr old female division) finished 10th overall and had personal bests in the 200m and 1500m distances.

Samuel Green (T2T 12 year old male division) and finished 1st over all taking the gold home having personal best in the 200m and 400m races.

Catalina Shupe (T2T 13 year old female division) had a 4th placed overall finish taking an iron medal.  She had personal bests in her 200m and 1500m distances.

Annabelle Green (T2T 14 year old female division) had a 1st place overall finish taking home gold.

Jared Bolland (T2T 14 year old male division) had a 1st place overall finish and took home gold.  He had personal bests in the 200m and 1500m races.

Adam Abbott also in the T2T 14 year old male division had a 6th place finish overall and personal bests in the 400m and 1500m distances.

Marshall Shupe (Junior Performance male division) took a gold home finishing first overall.

Longtai (Ted) Deng also competed in the Junior performance male division and finished 2nd overall taking a silver home.


To see how the club did click RM results 2018 bcst

2018 BC Winter Games Kamloops

The Ridge Meadows had great results and a fun time at the BC Winter Games! We had 4 skaters who respresented Zone 3 and 1 skater who was from Zone 4.


In the U14 Boys age class, Samuel Green had a clean sweep of gold in every race available for speed skating (200m Puruit/Mass start, both 400m races, 1500m, 2000m pts race and U14 3000m mixed relay).

In the U14 Girls age class,  Catalina Shupe and Willa Ludeman performed solidly throughout the competition.  Catalina was part of the U14 mixed relay team and was able to also take a gold medal home.  She made two A finals in the Super 1500m which she placed 7th and 2000m pts race, 8th.  Catalina also made B Finals in both 400m races finished 1st in one race, 2nd in the last one and 200m Pursuit/Mass start she finished 1st.  Willa in her two 400m races finished 4th in the D Final and 3rd in the C Final.  In her 1500m and 2000mpts race B Finals she came in 8th.


In the U16 Boys division, Jared Bolland and Adam Abbott (skated for zone 4) worked hard throughout the competition.  Bolland made two A finals in the 1500m and 3000mpts race where he placed 6th and 7th.  In the 1000m race he finished 2nd in the B Final.  His first 500m he placed 1st in his C Final and his second 500m he placed 1st in the B Final.  Abbott placed 4th in the 1500m B Final, 8th in the 3000m pts race B Final, 3rd in both 500m D Finals, 4th in the 1000m D Final.

In the U16 Girls,  Annabele Green took home a silver in the the first 500m race and placed 4th in the second one.  In the 1500m and in the 3000mpts race she took bronze.  During her 1000m race finished 4th place in the A Final.

Thanks to Julian, Robyn and Allison for being a great coaching team!