Congratulations to our 2017 Can West Skaters

RMCANWESTSKatersCongratulations to the four RMRacers who went to Canada West in Saskatoon

Tim Song Overall Winner at Can West for T2T-15 Male Division                                           Annabelle Green 2nd Place Overall for T2T-13 Female Division                                                    Jared Bolland 8th Place Overall for the T2T-13 Male Division                                                            Catalina Shupe 10th Place Overall for the T2T-12 Female Division


Congratulations BC for winning the Branch Award


Congratultions to the Provincial Skaters

Tahlon Flamma Performance 6th place
Timothy Song T2T M15 Gold
Jared Bolland T2T M13 Silver
Annabelle Green T2T F13 Gold
Catalina Shupe T2T F12   5th place
Willa Ludeman T2T F11 14th place
Danica Custance T2T F11 13th place
Samuel Green L2T MA Silver
Rohann Chassay L2T MA    6th place
Piper Friesen L2T FA   15th place
Antonio Tumaneng L2T MA   16th place


BC Short Track provincials

BC Short Track provincials will be held at

Abbotsford Centre Arena
33800 King Road, Abbotsford
March 4th & 5th, 2017

Good luck to the 11 skaters from Ridge Meadow who made BCST!

Tahlon Flamma Performance
Timothy Song T2T M15
Jared Bolland T2T M13
Annabelle Green T2T F13
Catalina Shupe T2T F12
Willa Ludeman T2T F11
Danica Custance T2T F11
Samuel Green L2T MA
Rohann Chassay L2T MA
Piper Friesen L2T FA
Antonio Tumaneng L2T MA